How well do rehab centers actually work? Are they better for certain types of addictions?

According to NIDA,

According to NIDA, residential treatment programs can be very effective and are particularly well-suited to addicts with severe problems. A big factor in how well a rehab center works is the approach it takes to treating addiction. Studies have shown that a combination of treatments works best, and rehab centers that offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes things like cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, counseling sessions, and possibly medication may have a better success rate.

Rehab centers are also more likely to work well if they are equipped to address all of an addict's issues, including possible psychological illnesses like depression or anxiety. A stay of at least 3 months is usually recommended for the best long-term recovery outcome.

Rehab centers are particularly good for people with severe addictions and those whose surroundings greatly influence their addictive behaviors. Drugs that often have those effects include cocaine, heroin, meth, and alcohol. It's possible that the amount of benefit someone receives from a rehab center has more to do with the type of person they are and less to do with the type of addiction they suffer from.



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