How do recovering drug addicts fill their "void" that they used to fill with drugs?

Great Question - I'm ok when

Great Question - I'm ok when I'm working, it's the weekends, the weeknights, every time I get paid, first thing in the morning - it's still always on my mind. I had no idea I had so many triggers in my day to day life. I do read a lot now. It helps.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got.

Addiction is a behavior and

Addiction is a behavior and to fill the "void" of the destructive behavior of drugs, you need to replace it with a productive behavior.

Start a collection, volunteer, exercise, read a book, learn a new skill such as baking... any of these "new" behaviors can easily replace the old.

I totally agree, stay away

I totally agree, stay away from the things that allow you to be put in that zone of just sitting and reliving your last high. Money is my I can't handle money yet. Only one friend that I would go by to get high...thank God she move out of my reach. But I an anxious a little cause tomorrow is money day, but I have a full day planned, from the time I get up until I go to sleep, read, clean. do the fun things you loved before the drugs.


I have a similar problem,

I have a similar problem, money is a trigger for me. So this month I have decided to let my husband go with me from the time I cash my check until all bills are paid. This is something new I am trying so I will not pick up. I still think I could do only one(yeah right)
As long as I have no money the thoughts are not there.


I used to smoke pot and I

I used to smoke pot and I would do it cuz I would get bored and have nothing to do but now since Ive quit Ive found something new to do and now I fill my time and boredom with a video game but I make sure that I dont let it control my life.

This all great advice. It

This all great advice. It really is important to replace drug use with something that is good for you and fulfilling. Something has to fill up that space that used to be filled with using. There are all kinds of healthy behaviors or interesting hobbies you can pick up. Like some of the commenters mentioned, I think it's really important to choose something that is really separate from your drug use and helps you avoid your triggers.

Something else no one really mentioned that I think is important is that if you've used drugs to fill a void that was already there before you used, it might help if you can get to the root of why that void was there in the first place. Your question implies that you (or whoever) started using drugs in order to deal with some larger problem. Maybe if you address the larger problem you'll feel like you have less of a void to fill.



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