For chronic back pain after an injury, I have been perscribed methadone 10-20mg/4hrs. and valium 10-20mg 3x's day. This has been ongoing for aprox. 2+yrs. and it is ruining my health and life. Where do I start with getting help? PLEASE!! I am DESPERATE!!!

Please advise how I even can

Please advise how I even can begin treatment, with who, how, where for medication I have been on for over 2 yrs. for chronic back pain, perscribed by my doctor who has NO IDEA how to come off these meds.
I'm currently on 10-20mg methadone every 4hrs, as needed and 10-20mg valium 3x's day as also needed for pain. It is now having a serious impact on my health and life. I have serious withdrawl if I am without either med. Enough is enough. PLEASE give me some direction. I live within 30 miles of NYC and in a pretty large city. THANK YOU, I'M DESPERATE!!!!


You're saying that the doctor

You're saying that the doctor who prescribed your medication doesn't know how to help you stop taking them? That sounds like an irresponsible doctor to me. Have you asked your doctor if he can recommend someone who can help? In a large city you should be able to find an addiction specialist who can help you out. You can start by just looking in the phone book under Counselors to find one who treats addiction, or use the information provided below by myaddiction to find treatment options. Even if the first place you call can't help. ask who they recommend you contact.

Valium is a highly addictive drug that isn't meant for long-term use. Methadone is often used as maintenance therapy for recovering heroin addicts, so it is sometimes used over the long-term. Withdrawal from methadone and other opioids can be really hard, so it's best if you find an addiction specialist who can help you step down your dosage gradually.



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