do you think there will ever be a cure for addiction?

I think this is a really

I think this is a really interesting question. Since most people accept that addiction is a disease, it makes sense to wonder if it's a disease that we can cure. I definitely think we'll get better and better at treating it. I've read a lot of new research reports that show that scientists are learning more about how the brain activity and even brain changes or differences that are associated with addiction in general, so it seems possible that eventually there will be some way to "fix" addicted brains. Researchers also know a lot more about how genetics influences addiction like alcoholism, which also seems promising.

In general, though, I think there are just too many factors involved in addiction to ever find a real "cure" for it--at least, not a 100%-you'll-never-be-addicted-to-anything kind of cure. What do you think?



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