Can you become addicted to LSD or Acid?

I do not believe so. There

I do not believe so. There are no real withdrawal symptoms associated with LSD/Acid. Although I would say the lifestyle and social aspect can be hard to break.

Some people get a bit keen on

Some people get a bit keen on the mind-blowingness of mushrooms when they first encounter them (the effect is about the same as LSD, but less powerful and lasting about half as long). Neither drug tends to work well when used frequently, though, so becoming dependent isn't too likely. But as noted it depends on the pressure you'll get from the people you do it with. If you're going to use LSD or psilocybin (mushrooms) it should be with people you trust in a setting you're comfortable with, when you're in a relaxed frame of mind. Otherwise you risk a pretty unpleasant day.

No...LSD is not addictive and

No...LSD is not addictive and it's also really difficult (or maybe even impossible) to overdose on. You build up tolerance to LSD very quickly, which means that you can't take it regularly or you'll cease to see effects. Research has shown that LSD doesn't result in compulsive use.

That doesn't mean that LSD is safe--it has potent psychological effects that can be very unpredictable from user to user and even use to use. The effects of LSD are long-lasting, which can be pretty horrible if you end up having a frightening or negative experience.



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