...any comments on methadone being used for chronic pain control?

Tammy-- I was put on

I was put on methadone for pain management and became a massive addict. It is a safe drug, but its half-life is extremely long, meaning that the longer you take it, the more it sinks into your tissues and even bones and becomes incredibly hard to get off of. When I finally cleaned up, I was dopesick for over three months. In that regard, methadone is a monster. a bitch. the worst. And don't let anyone who hasn't taken it tell you that it's not addictive or that it doesn't give you a 'high', it is both.

Frankly, I don't think methadone should be used in the pain management setting unless it's for cancer patients with a specific type of pain who are also considered terminal. Methadone's withdrawal symptoms --- if you should run out some weekend and can't reach your doctor, or something like that -- the symptoms are as vicious as heroin, except they go on much longer.


I know it's really hard to

I know it's really hard to get off of. That's why so many people are on it for life. Some people I know said they were sick a year after detoxing off the methadone. It's a scary drug that's for sure. they should have made some medical breakthroughs by now that might be safer and better. I heard they are testing some right now. BUT, they just aren't out yet in the PUBLIC for use. I will let you know if they ever do have something better okay! deb in Oregon.

To add to my earlier

To add to my earlier comments, methadone is a good drug for pain in only limited situations, and should always be administered with caution.



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