I am FINALLY ready to recover fully from my eating disorder. It has been 20 yrs. What next?

Keep up the good work, make

Keep up the good work, make sure to stay healthy and eat right, exercise if it makes you feel better, but don't over due it. GOOD LUCK. XD

There are many treatment

There are many treatment options available that can help you into recovery. Here are some great resources:

The next step is to get help.

The next step is to get help. Asking this question is a great start, because it means you're taking the first steps in facing your eating disorder. Unless you're in poor health because of your eating disorder--very underweight or sick--my guess is you probably don't need to do anything too drastic, like checking yourself into an inpatient program. Still, it will be so helpful if you see a professional to help with your recovery. You should visit your doctor for a physical--he or she can probably refer you to a therapist and let you know about support groups or other treatment options available to you. Support helps a lot, and there are many really great professionals out there who are trained to help you recover successfully.

You might also consider an online support group, like the ones at supportgroups.com. The members there have been where you are and will understand what you're going through.



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