How do you stop being addicted to food?

Hi there. I went through the

Hi there. I went through the same thing for same many years. I had to go to a treatment center but thing that has kept me away is talking to others about the issues that were leading me to food all of the time. I still go to support groups 3 days a week. I wish you all the best.

Food addiction can be really

Food addiction can be really hard to kick because you can't just stop eating completely. That means you're always facing your temptation--it's not like being able to completely abstain from alcohol if you're an alcoholic. (Not that I'm trying to say that staying away from alcohol is easy for an alcoholic--it's not.)

You can do some of the same things recommended for drug addictions, though, like changing your environment and avoiding triggers. You have to eat every day, but you can try to avoid certain foods or situations that trigger bad eating behaviors just like a drug addict learns to avoid people or places that trigger drug cravings.

Your food addiction almost certainly is the result of underlying problems and counseling can be really helpful in working those out. Things like cognitive behavioral therapy can also help you deal with your addictive behavior. Good luck!



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