Can I recover on my own? Is this ED all in my head?

What kind of ED do you have?

What kind of ED do you have? How long have you had it? Have you ever sought treatment? You might be able to manage it on your own, but it is infinately easier if you admit it to someone - don't be ashamed. It's a disease. Would you be ashamed if you had diabetes? Would you ask for help if you broke your leg? It's really no different. You have a disease and you need help. If someone wants to judge you for it, that's their problem. I manage my own ED but with occasional help from my family doctor. We check in about once a month - he does blood work, checks my weight and we talk. I also have a psychiatrist - ED is not the only thing we talk about, but, again, once a month or so we spend a bit of time talking about it. Since you're asking, I think you would do better with someone to at least support you.
Good Luck

Your ED isn't all in your

Your ED isn't all in your head, at least in that it is a real illness--a disease that you need to treat and recover from. Like Sabine said, asking for help with ED is no different than asking for help with diabetes or a broken bone. I'm sure that there are some people who end up managing okay on their own, but I think most people need help, or at least find that recovery is much easier with help. In my experience, it helps a lot to know that someone else is there if I need them. There are people who have devoted their lives, or at least their educations, to learning about the best ways to recover from ED, and I think it just makes sense to take advantage of their knowledge. In the long run your recovery is up to you, but it can help a lot to have support.



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