When do you leave your crack addicted boyfriend? For the first year he was the perfect boyfriend - now he smokes crack 1-2 times/week. He says if I leave him he will use more and destroy his life - everything I have helped him to re-build. I LOVE him!!!

I don't want to leave him,

I don't want to leave him, but I just can't get him to stop. He was clean for so long, and now he is just using more and more! There is nothing I can do to keep him from using. I even try to hide his keys/money or hold him down. I don't want to lose him - I want him to be the person he was when I met him. I know that I have no control over that. I have a great life and a great career, with a child (not his) and I know that the smart thing to do is to leave. BUT I love him so much, I HOPE he wants to change as bad as he says he does, plus, he begs me not to leave him so he won't go on a binge and lose his job/apt/etc. I don't know how to help him! I don't know what to do. :(

Well, if you love that person

Well, if you love that person so much, encourage him to stop his addictive vices. It can kill him, like Corey Haim. It's sad he never found his way back into the business, or even a few payday loans worth for someone to find him a trade. Let's hope we don't see too many more of these kinds of headlines.

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