Why do people do cocaine? I have tried it. It makes no sense to me. It felt like I had a triple espresso, made me all jittery and then I felt totally horrible. Please explain?

Cocaine is working on nerve

Cocaine is working on nerve centers in the brain to produce additional serotonin and melatonin. These chemicals make you feel better and the brain gets addicted to these chemicals so they seek more cocaine to bring the levels back.

There are vast differences in

There are vast differences in quality now a days. Good cocaine is great. Shitty cocaine sucks!

I am not a huge fan of coke but have known many people who are. But I can say first hand that I have tried some and it was way more alluring than others. But they are vastly different in qualities. i personally won't spend money on it but would take a line if offered if I know it's decent or better.

I can say that certain drugs click with certain people or brain chemistry's. For example if I do opiates I want to clean my house but coke makes me less talkative and more sedated. I know people who eat one Vicodin and fall asleep and do coke and get amped. It depends on your brain chemistry. No one substance is the same for everyone.

I have a funny story about that.

Back in the day when online pharmacies were all over and easy to order from internationally without seeing a doctor or script my roommates and I would order pills all the time - getting the necessities for life - sleeping pills, anti-anxiety, pain pills, muscle relaxers and then we'd always order one other pill we never tried for experimentation. Usually it would be some novel pill that didn't do much.

But once we got these large red pills that were Thorzine. All we knew was what you hear in high school about thorzine that they give it to people in the hospital to people freaking out on acid (lsd). Well it was about 10 years ago and we just made dinner and turned on the Simpson's. I barely lifted the food to my mouth and then don't remember much after that except I couldn't move my body. i couldn't lift my fork and wanted to sleep but wasn't as mentally asleep as my body was. My boyfriend at the time had to carry me to our bed and we passed out until they wore off.

We had given the same pill (we each just took one pill) to our two other roommates who were not home. One of them was at a friends when he took his and he said he became really drowsy and decided to take a walk to shake it off before his friends noticed. he said he barely made it around the block back to his friends before he passed out. They thought he was wasted drunk and he never told them otherwise. This guy was huge - super tall. We called him hightower. He also wasn't super thin so he weighed quite a bit.

The last person was with another friend playing guitar and jamming and he said he felt great. He never drank but that night he drank 6 beers stayed up all night and recorded a ton of music.

So 3 of the 4 could barely lift a fork and were passing out but the 4th person it gave him a ton of energy. The 4th person was more manic and was the type who'd prefer speed to write all night although he only went thru that phase for a few months and now that he's 34 he barely does anything but pot. He had been on some anti-depressants at one time in his life and had a more eclectic personality. The rest of us are all recreational users or most things but are more stable. We're more mainstream type people.

So you see how one substance can be the opposite of someone with totally different brain chemistry? Seems weird but I was about 24 at the time and it showed me how different each of us are. And by the way it also told me to never do Thorazine or anything else without researching it a ton. The drug in the end felt like your mind was somewhat awake but your body can not move. It's a horrible feeling and most minds would want to go to sleep to cover for the fact that you can't move. It sucked. But I did sleep pretty well but felt groggy and hung over the next day like I ate too much Xanax.

Hope that puts things in perspective?

Well people do not have money

Well people do not have money anymore with the recession , even addicts or kids that wanna have fun in Amsterdam , better find a crack addiction treatment and you will save lots of cash from drugs.

straight up, for a handful of

straight up, for a handful of minutes coke makes you feel like you can do anything. On coke you think you do everything better; sex, work, you name it. It's empowering, you grow a foot in height on coke. Then the high starts to fizzle and you don't feel so awesome anymore. So you do another line, and BOOM you're right back on top. Then you're not awesome again. Another line, up. Then down, and each time the 'down' part gets lower, while the high part doesn't really change, so that after an 8ball you're as anxious to get the high as you are unwilling to endure the coming low. Coke's comedown is horrible, among the worst of all drugs.


Now that is a great question

Now that is a great question , I guess people do it instead of alcohol to drown their problems like cowards , but still I think that if they wanna do drugs, use cannabis , it is much safer and impossible to overdose , studies proved that you loose muscle function and pass out far before the levels of drugs in your system can kill you , so much much safer , but I still think that some of the best drug rehabilitation programs should be enforced on addicts , all addicts, to kill the demand for drugs.

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