What is the most effective recovery method for crack addiction? It seems addicts have a high relapse rate.

Hi larrylive. This is always

Hi larrylive. This is always a tough one for the following reasons (I think):

1) Crack can be highly addictive
2) There are no FDA approved medications to help.

This leaves us with rehab, treatment centers, support groups, 12 step.

I do agree with you that the main problem seems to be that if a crack addict finishes rehab and are back out in their surroundings it i easy to fall back into old habits.

Wouldn't you say so ?

Say so, I just friggin lived

Say so, I just friggin lived so, to the extreme. But I am now diggin myself out of this hole I call hell.

as to your reasoning;

1) crack is highly addictive...certainly is
2) No FDA recommended meds...well thank the Lord.
it's not because I don't trust the FDA, because I don't. It's just that I don't do drugs...ironic isn't it. I don't claim to understand this feeling, something about OTC/Pharmacuticals that just doesn't sit well with me. Particularly after going through rehab and seeing all the Dualy diagnosed drift through thier days nodding and drooling.
I also received a script for amantidine a few years back. I immediatly went to the library and looked it up. I would rather spend the rest of my life geeking out windows and hunting in the carpet, than suffering bloody anal discharge, liver failure and/or suicidal tendencies.
So as you stated this leaves physical/psychological treatment, of which I am looking for a truely effective method. any recommendations would be greatly


Tho I am cut I am not slain, so I shall lie down and bleed a bit and rise to fight again another day.

A 1998 study found that

A 1998 study found that relapse rates for many types of addicts were high, with crack cocaine one of the highest at 84%--keep in mind that that statistic is more than 10 years old. Relapse rates vary a lot depending on severity of the addiction, whether a person is addicted to multiple drugs, and other environmental and physiological factors.

Like sal said, there aren't any FDA-approved medications to treat crack addiction.

Clinical trials have shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) seems to be an effective and durable treatment for crack cocaine addiction. CBT teaches you to identify, avoid, and cope with situations related to drug use.

Another type of therapy that seems to be effective in community treatment programs is called contingency management or motivational incentives (MI). In this type of therapy, you receive rewards for abstaining from drugs.


Wow- bleak outlook on success

Wow- bleak outlook on success rate for crack addicts EVER overcoming the addiction...
Someone very close to me has been using crack for 14 years, he's tried to stop multiple times, the longest he's ever abstained/been clean is 7 months. He's in detox right now, and thus far has agreed to go to an in-patient treatment center for 90 days post detox. I'm sure he'll do great for 3 months maybe 4 or 5...but the reality is that his sober life is dismal compared to the excitement of street life and existing solely to get high. I've done all kinds of research, reading etc, and it seems that the lifestyle has to become repugnant to an addict before they really want to stop. Unfortunately society just doesn't offer much to someone who has hustled his whole life, has no family support, little to no financial resources and of course has burned most friendships. I recently learned about "anhedonia" or the inability to experience pleasure as a result of long-term crack use. We all need pleasure!! So, this is a great sell- "yeah- quit using, you'll feel like hell, be severely depressed, won't experience pleasure for at least several months maybe longer and generating any kind of legal income is going to be low-paying and very difficult to do at that" I'm at a loss... is there just no hope for these souls who have this disease? I hate to be so negative, but does anyone have an upside after such a prolonged addiction? Does anyone know of anyone that recovered and lived to experience a happy, decent life after this sort of history? I really want to be a positive force in this persons life, however I'm not exactly "Miss Rainbow Bright", and I'm finding one discouraging hopeless statistic/story after another :(

I agree with this comment. I

I agree with this comment. I would also like to know if anyone ever has recovered to live a happy decent life. i can completely relate to watching someone lose pleasure and then having no reward for quitting. i think the street life and excitement of hustling everyday is a pleasure to this person.

hmmm... Well I got instantly

hmmm... Well I got instantly hooked by a pretty young ladie offering me a toke.. Wow. and i wanted another... The ol classic get a guy hooked and use him as your bank... Yahhh. Well after I realized how dang expensive the stuff was...eventually dumped her; however; she taught me a ton of crack tricks...

I got off the disability couch and founmd myself a job i could function at. Part-time, but I had spent 4 years dealing with depression cuz a bunch of doctors were telling me i had less than two years to live... "Go on a long vacation" they told me..."cash in your investments and live on a tiny island" .... well here i am and been doing crack on & off since april of 2002. Never had much money to start with so i didnt have that far to crash. Never spent more than I had earned...For the first year...Then I pulled out my credit card...Somehow another lovely girl chummed up with me and helped me declare bankrupcty after 2 years.
Since then i spent 3 years working at different and better paying job: while now free of my bankruptcy and looking forward to evolving my last 3 or 4 years of themed employment that pays me well for my lifestyle... and yet... that crack seems to sneek in ... you think it is going to visit for a day.. maybe an afternoon... Or just an evening. well they all seem to collide together and suddenly its been 3 or 4 days... Then im scarmblin to make sure my commitments and job stuff is up to date. I've never been married nor do i have a gf. So it has been easier for me to hide stuff from the family.. hmmm... actually i dont have any friends. A few aquaintences... Just a cat. No kids. Never been a crook. never stole for anything. .... hmmm What was the question? Oh ya... when i do smoke crack i always smoke alone. Zero complications that way. Oh ya I am focused on working in a carreer that i love... NOW your firend needs to find that certain something to do that make him feel like a million bucks about himself... Withoug the crack. Then ya; if you help he can get himself on and upwards leaving the crack behind. He's really got to find something special that clicks with him.

hello. 1st day clean again.

hello. 1st day clean again. crack has a hold of me for 4 years and im starting my sober days once again. never been involved with online recovery until about 15 min ago. so...here i am

Wlecome pwood, I certainly

Wlecome pwood,

I certainly wish you all the best in yourjourney to recovery. I have been fighting this addiction for about ten years. If you do manage to find your way back please feel free to drop me a line--
I can always be found at recoveredcrackhead@yahoo.
Look forward to sharing the journey.


Tho I am cut I am not slain, so I shall lie down and bleed a bit and rise to fight again another day.

i met a girl ten years ago,

i met a girl ten years ago, always have had a crush on her, we would see each other around, never really talked but we knew each other, also i never told her how i felt about her... all of the sudden we lost touch, and then came across her sometime last month in facebook, we started chatting on line and decided to go ahead and meet up and have a few drinks and catch with in all these years that we lost contact, so then she started telling me that one of her old high school friends introduced her to crack and she fell deeply in a dark path of the addiction but that she had been clean for 7 months already... i have a question for the subscribers of this blog. i am not a drug user, really like this girl, in fact i think i am inlove with her, and i don't want her to fall back into her bad habits, we hung out after that, been intimate, and the moment i told her that i really like her that i was gonna be with her every step of the way, to keep her from going back to that, she ditched me...
i really like her and want to be there for her but now she is avoiding me, im scared that she will go back to use, she told me she was hooked for 2 years and she only been clean for 7 months, for what i hear the likeability of a recovering crack addict is going back to it, so what do i do? do i just leave her and give up on her, she dont want me around anymore, or do i persist? :(

G0odnes-- I don't have any

I don't have any direct advice for you, but I do have some general wisdom, something you can ALWAYS count on when it comes to addiction:

If she is going to use again, there's nothing you can do to stop her. Period.

Because if love and compassion and hugs and kisses were enough, there would be no rehab facilities. Heck there might not even be a drug problem. But they are not enough. An addict has to do these things for him or her self. There is no other way.


Well it is possible...cause I

Well it is possible...cause I did it.

May 04, 2010, no more compulsion. That's not my clean date, that would be sometime prior to that. May 4,10 is the first time I received money and didn't buy crack, all kudos go to God.


Tho I am cut I am not slain, so I shall lie down and bleed a bit and rise to fight again another day.

Larry, You might find people

You might find people who can benefit from your experience at SupportGroups.com. There are dedicated groups for addiction.

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People can and do recover

People can and do recover from crack addiction. I quit March 2005. Do I still think about it? Yes I do, but the thoughts of the paranoia, depression, money spent, and other negatives put me back on the right train of thought. Today I am a college student, a drug counselor, a wife and mother and all of that means more than a momentary high.
To the fellow who likes the girl in recovery for seven months- give her space, but tell her she is important to you. Many times addicts have such low self worth, they feel undeserving of anything good in their lives. Many times, the addiction is a way to numb emotional pain that existed in their life. I had a horrible upbringing and felt so bad about myself that I used substances, sex, food, shopping to numb the feelings and trauma. I met my husband in 2004 and he was the greatest guy I ever met- All I could think was,"What does this guy see in me? I am a junkie piece of garbage." A friend of mine told me that if I kept looking for reasons to chase him away, ultimately I would accomplish doing so. I had to change everything about my life-EVERYTHING! People places, and things. Even my career as a hairstylist, because even the most innocent thing about someone could be a trigger for drugs.
Lastly, anyone who reads this and is trying to stop the insanity of addiction, Be Open to Change. I fought taking prescribed meds all my life- now I take them and it keeps me from spiraling out of control. The brain experiences dramatic changes after a period of substance abuse, it needs to heal. Remember that YOU making decisions about what is best for you may not be the answer. Your own thinking got you here, let someone qualified to treat you make some decisions to give you a better quality of life. Anyone in need of support can email me at recoverydefender@gmail.com

thanks for the info. on how

thanks for the info. on how even an innocent thing can trigger the use of drugs.....people, friends, jobs, lifestyles. there does seem to be a group where everyone is hanging out and everyone is addicted and/or using something. did you have to leave everybody behind that partied?

Drum roll please, while i

Drum roll please, while i toot my horn......

Mid-term Grades:

Human Services A
Sociology A
Psychology A
Statistics B

This recoveredcrackhead is proud...guess I need a meeting.


Tho I am cut I am not slain, so I shall lie down and bleed a bit and rise to fight again another day.

what are the behavioral

what are the behavioral symptoms of being without crack.....are there characteristics that a crack user has toward family and friends that are negative?

i am in a fairly new

i am in a fairly new relationship with a person who "socially" uses crack and daily uses "weed". I use neither and I find many things to do that are enjoyable without drugs. I would like to know if they are enjoying things because of having the drug or can addicts simply enjoy without the drug?

An addict usually refuses to

An addict usually refuses to have fun without their drug of choice. Anything is possible, but addiction overpowers the brain's pleasure system and only thrives from the drug being used.
Personally I do not see someone using crack "socially". The drug is highly addictive, and I never met anyone who took one hit and walked away. I would be wary of this new relationship, for your own protection. It is allot easier to get drawn in to a codependent relationship than it is to convince someone abusing drugs to quit.

what do I need to protect

what do I need to protect myself from? how does this relationship progress to me needing protection?

that seems to be true. this

that seems to be true. this person either smokes weed or crack before anything fun or even before hanging out with me. he is an incredibly gifted musician and very smart. what is the draw to use drugs if you have so much natural talent and smarts? he also feels he is very close to God and spiritual which confuses me. i find myself questioning things that use to be black or white to me. his world and thoughts are secure to him.....like i dont have to worry about his use of drugs. are there people who use drugs that can handle it?

You should be concerned about

You should be concerned about potential problems, like theft, lying, etc. That is what you MIGHT need to protect yourself from. I do not know you or your friend, I only know what crack does to a person. Someone I had great respect for turned me on to crack and because I liked him so much- I fell into a world I never imagined. It happens to innocent people everyday.
Yes, there are people who use and can "handle it". Another term for them is, High Functioning Drug User. Some people are able to go for long periods of time without consequences, BUT at some point things will usually take a negative turn. I ran a business for over a year while using cocaine and nobody had a clue. I got high at work all the time. I quit because I was spending every dime I could find on getting high and I felt like a loser.
Maybe this guy can function well on dope- I guess only you are able to decide what you will do. Best of Luck to you!

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