I have been drinking caffienated soda in alarming quantities for a few years now. I have a 64-oz refillable cup and it's not uncommon for me to fill it twice in a day. How do I stop doing this?

Why do you think you have

Why do you think you have been drinking so much? Is it because you seem to lack energy throughout the day?

I do agree that this is way to much and sugar and caffeine can have serious health ramifications.

I used to be a huge soda drinker 4 years ago. I gained over 30 pounds drinking soda. It was tough to stop cold turkey so here is what I did:

1) I started exercising which made me feel better
2) I made an effort to decrease my soda drinking and replace it with things like water, iced green tea, juice

After about 6 months I got used to not having it anymore. Now I have soda maybe once or twice a month and don't miss it.

I think I drink it because I

I think I drink it because I like the stuff. Or, probably more likely, I crave it (to use the proper terminology). When I haven't had any for a while the withdrawal symptoms are horrible -- headache, shakiness, even vomiting in extreme cases.

I drink diet exclusively so weight gain isn't a problem anymore. But the caffeine is still there (I tend to favor Diet Dr. Pepper and generic diet colas). I'm thinking caffeine-free as a substitute, but those seem to come at a premium. So I don't really know what I can do.


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