How Effective is Campral?

There is some info at

There is some info at In a 52 week study 16% of patients using Campral remained abstinent vs 9% on placebo. Not really a huge difference. That is why there has been a thought of harm reduction....reduce the amount of drinking days instead of total abstinence.

The general information on

The general information on Campral (the brand name of the drug acamprosate, which is FDA approved to treat alcohol dependence) indicates that it's a "safe and effective" treatment for alcohol dependence, but I don't know of any exact number attached to its effectiveness. Several studies have found that Campral reduces the number of drinking days in people with alcohol dependence, but it seems to be most effective when used in combination with other treatments, like support groups. There has been at least one study that found that naltrexone is more effective at preventing relapse into alcoholism than Campral.

Campral hasn't been shown to help people maintain abstinence from alcohol if they haven't already undergone detox and aren't already abstinent from alcohol. In other words, Campral hasn't been shown to help people abstain from alcohol if they are currently drinking.


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