Which is more preferred Rational Recovery or AA?

I am a huge fan of AA. It

I am a huge fan of AA. It saved me. I know it makes people feel strange talking about G-d, but it is something that we need to get over in order to fulfill our potential here.

There are positives and

There are positives and negatives to both. Different people will need different things. If someone is truly offset by the spiritual underpinnings of 12 Step (the core program of AA) then they might have an ability to get to the next stage in their recovery. In that case Rational Recovery is for them. On the hand if a person is really a spiritual type. Someone who is attuned to their deeper side, 12 Step will be much more appealing.

The question you pose seems

The question you pose seems so general that I am not sure what you are looking for. Preferred by whom?
The cool thing is that both Rational(or Smart Recovery)and AA can work in combination with many people.
Rational recovery works with thoughts, thoughts that motivate us to act. It can deepen anyone's recovery experience, including those in the AA program.
Much love and light!

I think that AA and Rational

I think that AA and Rational Recovery are targeted toward different people, and which one you prefer will depend on your own beliefs and spirituality. AA is definitely a program that works for many, many people and it has an excellent track record, but its focus on a higher power just doesn't appeal to everyone. As someone who doesn't find the religious aspect of AA very helpful or a good fit, I appreciate that there are other programs out there. However, the effectiveness of Rational Recovery hasn't been as well demonstrated as that of AA, and it's a for-profit group rather than the non-profit AA. That of course doesn't mean that it doesn't work--I would suggest researching available programs to see which seems like the best fit for your situation.


There are lots of other

There are lots of other options too. Check out "AAnotthe onlyway.com" and my personal fav (below in my signature)

I just want to clarify something that V said, without being antagonistic: AA has helped many people, HOWEVER, when compared to the number of ppl that went to AA seeking help the number is pitifully small. According to AA's own World services pamphlet 5% of ppl get sober the first year and 5 years later 40% of that 5% is still sober.

My only point is AA/12 step is flawed. I want to help the people who it doesn't resonate with- there are a lot of options out there. And the truth that I have found is I had to stop giving my power to sponsors, doctors, treatment programs- and do the research myself and realize i alone control my thoughts and have ultimate power to change them.



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