What are some good alternatives to drinking alcohol everyday?

I think that exercise is a

I think that exercise is a great thing to help keep your mind off of any substance. Get outdoors....it feels great!

Meditation has helped me, as

Meditation has helped me, as well as exercise and just getting outside. Doesn't have to be any specific kind of meditation - the point is to calm your mind and get connected to what's going on around you. If you're like a lot of people, you drink to reduce the chatter in your head, and another good way to do that is to turn your attention outward instead of inward.

You're probably also used to having a drink in your hand, so you might also try herbal tea - we drink that on evenings when we don't drink wine.

Some things you can do

Some things you can do instead of drinking alcohol:

  • Substitute a non-alcoholic drink that you get enjoyment from--something that feels like a treat.
  • A lot of people drink instead of eating, so it can help to have a snack or make sure to eat several small meals throughout the day.
  • Find a social activity that doesn't involve drinking, or hang out with friends who don't drink.
  • Take up a physical hobby like exercise or meditation.

In addition to substituting healthy activities for drinking, try switching up the order of your day. If you have a steady routine and the only thing you're changing is the drinking part, it's probably going to be really hard. You'll come to the point in your routine when you usually drink and it'll be difficult not to think about it. If you change the way your day flows, it won't be quite so obvious that the drinking is missing.


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