Other than AA what else should someone do to get over alcoholism?

Counseling with a trained

Counseling with a trained therapist. They should also spend time in a rehab center. The addict must be willing to leave old friends behind.

For me AA really gave a

For me AA really gave a wonderful foundation, but I know times may be different now. I believe checking one's self into a detox center and then rehab is a sure way to go. Of course the alcoholic needs to be the one to really have the determination on it.

Have you ever checked out

Have you ever checked out what an addiction recovery coach has to offer? You would be amazed!
Much love and light!~Cheryl

Alcoholic Anonymous can be a

Alcoholic Anonymous can be a useful tool to help you recover from alcoholism, but it's not the only one out there. Some of the benefits of AA you can get from other places, like independent support groups. I think one of the biggest benefits of AA is the support structure that it provides, so my recommendation would be to find other avenues of support. Rehab is always a possibility if you think a lot of structure and guidance will help you--inpatient treatment is good for getting you away from the environment that you associate with drinking. A trained addiction therapist can be really helpful on an outpatient basis, either instead of rehab or in addition to it. The great thing about a therapist is that a good one will know a lot about the alcohol recovery support groups and other tools in your local community and can help you get in touch with them.



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