Do you think that an alcohol addiction ever really goes away?

I guess you are asking is do

I guess you are asking is do people who have fought with alcoholism and are now in recovery constantly "white knuckling" it? Meaning, is every day a struggle not to drink? I would have to say it depends on the case. For some people, every day in recovery is not easy. It is a struggle to not drink especially since our society is immersed with alcohol and drinking. It is on TV, at social events, sporting events, even church. Everywhere you turn you see alcohol so I say it really never goes away.

I think there are former

I think there are former alcoholics who don't think about drinking every day, but I don't think that alcohol addiction ever completely goes away. Addictive behaviors become so ingrained that I think there's always a danger you will slip back into them. A former alcoholic will always be more likely to start abusing alcohol than someone without a history of alcohol addiction. It's not something that can be helped--repeating a behavior over and over simply teaches your brain to respond a certain way. If you have a history of drinking heavily or turning to alcohol in certain situations, there will always be times when you have to fight that response.



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