Vancouver Conference to Debate Drug Control Policy

Next week Vancouver will host a conference endorsed by the United Nations where a number of groups and non-governmental organizations will be getting together to debate drug-control policy and raise issues such as ending drug prohibition. Represented groups will include Drug-Free America and the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.

“The cost of prohibition to communities all over the world is heartbreakingly cruel,” said Gillian Maxwell, chair of Keeping the Door Open. “Third-world countries are devastated by the violence of organized crime and some suffer from their crops, children and animals being sprayed by toxic chemicals; in Vancouver we are devastated by the violence of organized crime and our most vulnerable suffer from the hopelessness of poverty, disease and stigma.”

Much of the rhetoric published in this piece by comes from Vancouver-area experts who are in general opposed to drug prohibition. Vancouver has for many years been home to one of the world’s worst drug problems as well as home to innovative treatment options and some of the foremost experts on addiction and recovery.

Date: Jan. 30, 2008

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