Stock Trader Addicts


A report out of London tells the sad tale of financial sector workers who are still feeling the impact of the economic turndown – stock traders who are seeking drugs to ease the pressures of their jobs.

This development has led to such practices as billing expense accounts for cocaine. Bar patrons know that by ordering certain expensive wines (which aren’t on the menu) by name, they’ll get billed for a bottle, but receive a “wrap” of cocaine instead. And then there’s the uptick in alcoholism. Treatment center workers who specialize in London clients report that addictions of many types are on the rise as the financial markets continue to stay flat.

This contrasts with another type of stock market addiction – one that parallels gambling addiction and is fed by computer access and day trading. This second type has ruined many lives, far from Wall Street or the London trading floor. One sufferer describes it this way, “I never noticed the sun shine, all I did was watch CNBC and stare at my computer. The euphoria is just extreme. The adrenaline rushes, and you feel on top of the world. I've dabbled in drugs and I've never felt a high like that. Nothing can replace it."

Unfortunately, it looks like some of the real stock market warriors are trying to do just that – replace the high from moving money around and generating profits over to a drug or alcohol high to replace what has fallen away. Another critical difference is that the day trader sits at home and loses his or her own money. The brokers who are trading while drunk or high lose the money of others. Sometimes it’s a huge amount. One example cited is of a five million dollar loss blamed on a “drunk trade.”


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