Charity Working to Ban Smoking in Cars


"An anti-smoking charity has called for a consultation on banning smoking in vehicles as part of a strategy to tackle "Scotland's biggest killer".

The proposal is one of 33 recommendations in the "ambitious, radical and far-reaching" document Beyond Smoke Free from ASH Scotland which sets out a new Scottish tobacco control strategy.

ASH Scotland said the country has taken major steps to reduce smoking in the last six years, but that much more needs to be done. It said smoking remains Scotland's biggest preventable killer, with a quarter of all adult deaths attributable to smoking-related diseases.

ASH Scotland Chief Executive Sheila Duffy said: "Beyond Smoke-free is ambitious, radical and far-reaching. It contains robust yet achievable recommendations. To truly tackle tobacco which is a uniquely addictive and lethal product, ambition, vision and innovation is needed."

The report showed that highest smoking rates are found in the poorest communities, with rates in the most deprived areas at 43% compared to 9% in the least deprived. In Scotland's most deprived areas 32% of deaths are due to smoking compared to 15% in the least deprived."

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