Is Tiger Woods the new face of sex addiction?


Recent reports are that Tiger Woods is receiving treatment at a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi. Sex addiction, which is not formally recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, has become a high-profile topic in recent years.

The Story

ESPN talked to Benoit Denizet-Lewis, author of a book on addiction and recovering sex addict himself, about Tiger Woods and sex addiction. According to Denizet-Lewis, sex addiction comes down to the question "do you have control of your sex life or does your sexual behavior have control over you?" He goes on to say that "It's really similar to ways that we look at other kinds of addictions: drugs and alcohol and gambling."

The Response

The media and blogosphere are abuzz with discussion of sexual addiction, with many people expressing doubt that Tiger's sex addiction is real. Although many people see sex addiction as a convenient excuse for inappropriate behavior, a number of experts and recovering sex addicts are speaking out in support of a diagnosis for sexual addiction


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