Ex-Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges


There is one critical difference between becoming addicted to prescription drugs and other illegal substances. The difference is the reach prescription drugs have that heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine do not. On the list of what we, as a nation, become addicted to, only prescription drugs (usually narcotics) are recommended to us by our doctors.

Make no mistake. Our bodies do not know legal from illegal, and they react the same way if we take heroin or a narcotic pain reliever. The risk of addiction is still there. And there is a good reason to restrict these drug to situations where a doctor can monitor use...

According to an FBI press release, then Police Chief William Young began using, and then selling and then stealing prescription drugs in a spiral of despair. Young pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute oxycodone, and burglary.

Young apparently arranged to be the only police officer on duty one night in the small town of Pennington Gap, Virginia. The Chief checked with neighboring jurisdictions and made sure Sheriff’s Officers were not near enough to respond to trouble. He then called three other men, and the three went to the town’s Rite Aid pharmacy and broke in through a drive-through window.

The haul was approximately 5,000 pills containing oxycodone. Young later got his cut, and when arrested, he had 13 pills in his cruiser and more than 500 Percocets in his home. They also found empty evidence bags that had previously contained drugs.

The press release doesn’t say how the FBI became suspicious, but they set up a drug deal and caught Chief Young selling pills to their undercover informant.

This story would be more unlikely if the drug in question had been heroin, even though Percocet and heroin are both powerful narcotics and highly addictive. We often think that a well made, sanitary and attractive pill is somehow safer. It isn’t.


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