Prescription Drug Addiction Doubles in ER's


"Sherry Ragan tracked down her brother in a local Utah emergency room. He wasn't hurt or sick; he had run out of Adderall and needed a new prescription to feed his addiction to the drug.

Ragan told the nurse and the doctor about her brother's drug-seeking behavior, and that he and his doctor had been trying to wean him off the drug. But the doctor said he'd give him a little bit of Adderall despite her concerns. Ragan said she's not sure whether the doctor didn't have the time, didn't want to be bothered, or was simply not well-versed in substance abuse. At any rate, she was upset by the outcome.

"If my brother can do this, that means everyone coming here can get whatever they want," said Ragan, a Utah County drug prosecutor. "I work with people who work their whole lives trying to help addicts, and to find out that we're being undercut was really shocking.""

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