Ohio County Plagued by Prescription Drug Abuse


The largest city in Scioto County, Ohio is Portsmouth. Portsmouth has about 20,000 people and falling (down 3% since 2000). So why does Sioto county have five times the national average for rehab admissions of prescription pain killers? No one really knows.

The claim is that there are drug mills -- clinics that prescribe pain medications indiscriminately -- running wild. Two healthcare professionals have been charged.

What's worse is that nearly one in 10 babies born in the county are already addicted. It's so bad, a public health emergency has been declared by county authorities.

This demonstrates, convincingly, just how bad it can get when medical personnel through their oath, "first, do no harm," out the window in pursuit of profits. The claim is that there are as many as eight clinics in the area feeding an appetite for various prescription narcotics, Oxycodone and Percocet among them.

If ever there was a time where strong enforcement was, and quickly, this is it. Officials suspect that the county is feeding habits not only locally, but also in nearby West Virginia and Kentucky.

Also in the story above, "Thanks to a thriving drug culture that breeds crime and intravenous use, Scioto County's per capita rates of murder, fatal overdoses and hepatitis C infections have in recent years been outranked only by Ohio's biggest urban areas. The DEA considers the county one of the worst places in the country for prescription painkiller abuse, with more people abusing per capita than almost anywhere else."

The old expression rings true here, "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."


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