Four Tons of Weed off Californian Coast


In a not-too-surprising development, Orange County Officers fished out an estimated four tons of marijuana from the Pacific Ocean. The weed was packed in 50 pound bales and is said to be worth about 3.5 million dollars.

What is puzzling the Harbor Patrol is why the weed was abandoned. The usual drill is to dump your weed to get rid of excess weight if you are being chased, but they weren’t chasing anyone. Did someone just get nervous? Was there a boat capsized? The police report no boat was seen in the area where the marijuana was recovered.

Where was it headed?

Another unknown is where the weed was going. The area where it was found was near Los Angeles, so that’s a good guess at the initial destination, but marijuana bales don’t come with shipping labels, so it’s unknown where it might have ended up.

This also highlights the fact that legalization of marijuana hasn’t decreased the demand. Smugglers continue to ship it in, and, as evidenced here, in huge quantities. Even for someone who smokes a half ounce a week, that totals out to enough marijuana to meet the needs of nearly 8,000 users for more than half a year.

For now, the mystery is under investigation and police won’t say exactly what they suspect or who. The floating stash wasn’t spotted by officers directly, the 160 bales, wrapped in plastic to make them waterproof, were reported by another boater. You can imagine the surprise there.

That pot don't float

The marijuana, highly compressed, doesn’t float high in the water like you might expect. Although they have a lot of air in the bundle, it still is heavy enough to just rise slightly above the water’s surface. With this many around, it ends up being a hazard to navigation.


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