Cops Destroy Record Number of Fake Weed Plants

Montauk daisies.jpg

It’s a chance for humor when the authorities screw up, especially when no one gets hurt. In this case, it was the CFSEU-Lethbridge officers with egg on their faces. The acronym stands for Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, the Canadian equivalent of U.S. narcotics squads. Lethbridge is just north of the Montana border, and this time of year the final marijuana harvests are coming in. But they’ve been actively hunting grows since the summer and hit the jackpot at the end of July.

It was reported by police as the largest outdoor marijuana grow ever seized in the area — 1,624 plants, duly torn from the ground and burned. The funny part comes when we find out it wasn’t marijuana, but daisies.

That’s right. Daisies. Granted, they hadn’t flowered yet. And there was an informant involved who claimed the homeowner was growing pot. Still, though – daisies?

According to reports, one lead officer said at the time, “This is a significant bust, given the size of this operation,” while proudly displaying garbage bags full of the dastardly daises.

Experienced officers admit to making a mistake

Since then, the plants have been tested. The same officer now admits the unit made a mistake. Check them out for yourself – the plant pictured in this article is the one they mistook for marijuana. And these were experienced officers, assigned to enforce marijuana laws. And outdoor grows are a serious problem in southern Canada, with a robust export market to the United States.

The homeowner isn’t entirely innocent here. Police did find real weed in his house. He claims he smokes marijuana to help with his back pain. It must work because he had a really nice garden and he put a lot of effort into it. Nice, that is, until police pulled it all up.

Reports didn’t say if the cops are liable for the damage.

So the biggest haul of marijuana turns out to be flowers instead. The officers are no doubt suffering at the hands of their peers on this one. It’s not hard to imagine daisies appearing around the station house or tucked under a wiper blade on a patrol car.


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