VFW Comes Out as Pro-Marijuana?


The headline on this story is misleading, and it was probably meant to be when the Veterans for Marijuana started using the abbreviation, VFW. And, as you might expect, the real VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) wasn’t too happy about it. Not necessarily because they are against marijuana legalization, but because the organization strives to remain apolitical and, instead, focus only on those issues that help their membership.

Still, the veterans for marijuana are veterans. They probably have a right to the name. And in a sense, they are supporting veterans as well – if you count the right to use marijuana for post traumatic stress disorder or other medical conditions of veterans as a issue worth fighting for.

The group, not the VFW, but the VfW, got a cease and desist request from the foreign wars version, and, it looks like they’ll comply. Instead of keeping the current acronym, they’d switch the name to: VFWU, adding the word “united” on the end.

Another complaint came from their logo. The white-line art on a black background is reminiscent of the POW flag that became popular after the Vietnam War. According to reports, the VFWU will be keeping that.

So what are the burning issues for the Milwaukee based pro-marijuana group? Their website states the mission as: “Veterans for Weed is a website dedicated to the veterans who have been prosecuted, punished, or hurt by the simple fact that they smoke weed.

In an apology posted on the site, the group acknowledges the confusion and promises to make changes to meet the objections. Interestingly, the VFWU and the VFW may have the same objective: supporting troops who are having difficulties. On the VFWU side, the difficulty is legal and connected to marijuana use. The approach is radically different as well. It’s hard to imagine the real VFW using catch phrases like, “Semper High” or “Stoner Soldier”.


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