Teen Marijuana Use Linked to Music


A new research study finds that teenagers who often listen to music containing references to marijuana are more likely to be marijuana users than teens who listen to songs that have less of a focus on substance use.

The Study

Survey data from 959 ninth-graders showed nearly double the rate of current marijuana use in students whose favorite musical artist had three or more songs containing references to marijuana when compared to students whose favorite artist's songs had no references to the drug. High-risk behaviors other than marijuana use, such as excessive drinking, were not associated with exposure to marijuana in music.

What Does This Mean?

This new study illuminating an association between marijuana use and music is quite timely, as a new federal survey has shown that use of marijuana among teens is increasing for the first time in 10 years. With more teenagers using the drug and fewer survey respondents saying they believe smoking marijuana puts a person at great risk, the relationship between music and marijuana use may provide a new avenue for more effective drug education and addiction treatment programs.

Or....perhaps teens who smoke

Or....perhaps teens who smoke marijauna listen to artist who reference pot.
Consider this: Pink Floyds "Darkside of the Moon" was on the top 100 chart for nearly 12yrs. It fell off shortly after Nancy Reagan started the "just say no"
So I certainly hope this study is not implying that the kids are being influenced to smoke because of the music they listen to.
Always somebody wanting to exert control over someone.


Tho I am cut I am not slain, so I shall lie down and bleed a bit and rise to fight again another day.

really? I listen to songs

really? I listen to songs that reference drug use all the time and the only rush I get is from roller coasters and things that make my heart race. I'm addicted to adrenaline, not any drug or drink.


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