School Board Works to Outlaw K2


A Fort Mill School Board seeks to make synthetic marijuana, K2, illegal due to its toxic nature and accessibility to kids:

"Fort Mill school leaders are looking to state and local legislators to outlaw synthetic marijuana kids can buy over the counter.

Local school officials took a first step last week to ban the substance from school property. The Fort Mill School Board approved a resolution Nov. 30 banning synthetic marijuana products and other herbal substitutes for marijuana from school or district property.

A combination of herbal and spice products sprayed with “potent psychotropic drugs,” according to the anti-substance abuse group York County All On Board Coalition, the product is often sold for use as incense. Although the chemicals – which kids have been known to ingest either by smoking or mixing with liquid and drinking – can produce a pot-like euphoria, they can also be toxic. Some users also mix the substance with food.

Users have been treated for vomiting, increased respiration rate or blood pressure as well as hallucinations, seizures/tremors and numbness.

“I hope that the York County delegation [of lawmakers] will propose legislation making this and other synthetic drugs illegal,” School board member Diane Dasher said. Dahser is also a member of All On Board."

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