Online Fake Marijuana


The search terms, legal marijuana for sale give over 10 million hits on Google. This is no accident, there is a sudden surge of websites and even offline businesses who are selling 'herbal replacements' as marijuana substitutes to a gullible public.

What's the harm?

To start, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reports more than 750 inquiries to poison centers the first half of this year about fake marijuana. Right now, 'fake marijuana' is legal to sell and purchase. Many items are dodging the law by advertising as potpourri or incense. But although they are sold as marijuana substitutes, the herbs they contain often cause an elevated heart rate and increased blood pressure.

Who are the victims?

Naive youngsters can purchase fake marijuana over the internet or at the corner store by either lying about their age or because the product is sold as incense. Websites use powerful marketing and pictures of what looks like marijuana to entice customers:

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The recent legalization of marijuana for medical use may be changing how the drug appears to young people. Moving it from strictly illegal status -- and hence unsafe -- to the emerging category of prescription drugs which are seen as safer.

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