Is Internet Sex Addictive?

internet sex
Recently the Toronto Star online asked three specialists to weigh in on whether there really is such a thing as being addicted to internet sex, and how it can affect relationships.

Ellie Tesher, one of the site’s advice columnists, writes that women whose male partners spend a lot of time looking at internet porn feel that the men are cheating on them as much as if they were having a physical affair with another woman. Additionally, “Instead of thinking that their guy is a jerk, or is not healthy, they feel insecure and bad about themselves” because they don’t think they can measure up to women in porn.

Kimberly Young, from the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, writes that the creation of false avatars and the involvement in online communities can be thrilling and make ordinary life “seem dull and boring.”

Marion Goertz, a Toronto therapist, writes that people can easily get hooked on internet affairs and online porn, where everything is ideal and under control, if they find their real-life relationship “too demanding or disappointing.”

Source: The Toronto Star
Date: Jan. 12, 2008

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