Study Compares Internet Addiction to Smoking Cigarettes


A study that challenged people to go one day without being able to log onto the Internet found that many people suffered from withdrawal just like those who try to quit smoking.

The International Business Times reports that a British behavioral research company called Intersperience asked more than a thousand people to go without the Internet for 24 hours, and then answer question about how they felt.

It wasn't good. 53% said they were "upset," and 40% reported feeling "lonely." Just 23% said they felt comfortable during that day, saying it made them feel "free."

However the Internet addicts said things like "my biggest nightmare" and feeling like "having a hand chopped off." Researchers say people trying to quit a smoking habit say similar things.

"Online and digital technology is increasingly pervasive," said Paul Hudson, Chief Executive of Intersperience. "Our 'Digital Selves' research shows just how dominant a role it now assumes, influencing our friendships, the way we communicate, the fabric of our family life, our work lives, our purchasing habits and our dealings with organizations. This has profound implications for society both from a personal and commercial perspective."

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