Heroin Used to Treat Heroin Addicts

heroin treatment
According to a recent debate published in the esteemed British Medical Journal, some Canadian addiction specialists are arguing in favor of a controversial opioid maintenance treatment that prescribes heroin to heroin addicts.

Opioid maintenance programs treat opioid dependence by replacing the abused opioid with another, different opioid. Traditionally, these addicts have turned to methadone maintenance for treatment or, more recently, Suboxone to help them get off the likes of heroin or OxyContin, for example.

Trials in Europe have shown that the idea of using heroin for heroin addicts is both feasible and effective for some. But critics argue that “prescribing heroin to heroin addicts is treating the effects of misuse, not the addiction.” There are also concerns that doctors prescribing heroin will be under immense pressure to prescribe more and more of the drug.

Additionally, the heroin prescribed by doctors would presumably be pharmaceutical grade, and therefore highly sought after on the black market.

Source: Science Daily
Date: Jan. 11, 2008

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