FDA Sounds Alarm on Chantix

After reports of almost 40 suicides and over 400 incidences of suicidal behavior in connection with the anti-smoking drug Chantix, the FDA launched an investigation into the possible link between the medication and serious psychiatric problems.

According to Bob Rappaport, a director at FDA’s drug evaluation center, “There are a number of compelling cases that look like they are the result of exposure to the drug itself and not other causes.”

In a statement released Friday, the FDA recommended that patients on Chantix inform their physicians about any history of mental illness and that both patients and family members should be wary of behavioral or mood changes:

“Chantix may cause worsening of current psychiatric illness even if it is currently under control. It may also cause an old psychiatric illness to reoccur.”

Chantix is made by Pfizer and was approved in 2006.

Source: AOL News
Date: Feb. 1, 2008

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