Nicole Scherzinger Admits to Self-Harm Addiction


When you think of the former Pussycat Doll Nichole Scherzinger, what comes to mind? Probably images of a gorgeous, talented pop star who sang the raunchy hit "Don't Cha" (wish your girlfriend was hot like me?).

However, the singer and former judge on the show "X Factor" recently admitted that she has an addiction to self-harm and bulimia, and that she is in recovery for both. Scherzinger made the admissions in an episode of "Behind The Music" on VH1, which will air on October 7th.

"I just hated myself," Scherzinger says. "I was in a group but I never felt so alone in my life."

Scherzinger's admissions come at a time when more and more celebrities and TV personalities are opening up about the harmful behaviors that occur as a result of public pressure and childhood bullying.

Demi Lovato: Self-harm and anorexia

Scherzinger's fellow judge and former Disney star Demi Lovato also admitted to having a problem with self-harm, as well as anorexia/bulimia. Lovato described similar feelings of loneliness and depression before she was admitted to a rehabilitation center in 2010.

Lady Gaga: Anorexia and bulimia

Lady Gaga also recently admitted to suffering from anorexia and bulimia since the age of 15, and the famous pop star called upon her fans to embrace their bodies and reject society's unrealistic standards. Both Lovato and Gaga said that they were called "fat" by classmates and that this bullying contributed greatly to the onset of their self-harm.

Music helped all three singers

Scherzinger describes how she felt when she reached her breaking point: "There was nothing left to do—get help or die." But, like Lovato and Gaga, she still had one thing left: "The music is what saved me. That's the only thing I can trust."

Confronting the unfair standards

These simple admissions of imperfection and suffering have helped and inspired thousands of young girls everywhere. We can only hope that more celebrities will confront the unfair standards that society and the media place on young girls, and especially on celebrities. The lives of our daughters and sisters are at stake.


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