NBC's Today Show Highlights Food Addiction


One of the difficulties food addicts have is getting the public and medical fraternity to take their condition seriously. Too often, food addicts are simply labeled as not having enough will power or too lazy to exercise. A recent interview on the Today Show tells the story of one food addict and treats the condition with respect.

The show is broadcast on NBC and rebroadcast on MSNBC to a potential audience of millions. The episode features an interview with Iris Williams and explores the claim that overeating is a compulsion as much as any addiction is. They cite a study showing that some overeaters respond to food in the same way that other addicts respond to drugs or alcohol.

Ms. Williams refers to herself as a “sugar junkie” and mentions her lack of success with dieting. At a top weight of more than 330 pounds, Ms. Williams has since lowered her weight by treating her eating as an addiction, using the techniques in a 12-step meeting where the drug of choice is food.

Her description of a relationship with food will sound eerily familiar to addicts: “I was using it to medicate, to not to have to deal with life.”

Featured on the show (with faces concealed) is a meeting of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. The report goes on to explore the science of food addiction.

This type of media exposure is a great way to reach the many thousands who may be wondering why diets do not work for them or who aren’t aware that overeating can be a “real” addiction. Without this knowledge, they may be blocked from the help they need. With one in three Americans now considered obese, this information needs to reach those who need it most.


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