Eating Disorders More Common in Young Children


A study shows that rates of eating disorders are rising among young children and teens:

"A report published this morning in the journal Pediatrics shows that eating disorders have become more common among children and teenagers over the past 60 years. The potential health impact of such illnesses is so great that pediatricians are urged to learn to do a better job of recognizing and treating patients who may be anorexic, bulimic or otherwise disordered in their relationship with food.

According to the report, the pattern of eating disorders has changed over the decades. They've become increasingly common among males ages 16 to 19, and the number of eating-disorder-related hospitalizations of kids ages 12 and under has risen sharply. An estimated .5 percent of adolescent girls have anorexia nervosa, and between 1 percent and 2 percent meet the diagnostic criteria for bulimia nervosa.

Eating disorders can cause all kinds of health problems, from simple dehydration to growth retardation, reduced bone mineral density and even suicide."

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