The Danger of “Bath Salts”


Law enforcement officials in Miami are saying that Rudy Eugene, who was shot to death as he chewed on another man’s face as part of a gruesome attack, is thought to have been high on the new drug known as “bath salts.”

According to Miami Fraternal Order of Police president Armando Aguilar, bath salts are a drug that “causes people to go completely insane and become very violent.

Bath salts not currently banned

Currently the drug is banned in several states but not banned federally and is available on the street. Many tobacco and drug paraphernalia stores also sell Bath Salts under the street names of White China, Dynamite, Vanilla Sky, Lady Bubbles, Ivory Wave and Cloud 9.

The Drug Enforcement Agency categorizes Bath Salts with ephedrine and mescaline. Drug dealers tell buyers the drug is the new cocaine or a synthetic form of LSD. The actual makeup of Bath Salts includes a cocktail of stimulants that is toxic including Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone.

Bath Salts can result in rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, severe agitation, paranoia and symptoms of psychosis, including delusions and hallucinations. Many people who use Bath Salts take off their clothes because it causes the body to overheat. Users can exhibit psychotic behavior and completely lose touch with reality.

Serious potential damage

Physical effects can be serious. Previous users have suffered neurological damage, cardiovascular damage as well as psychological problems. Some people who experienced the psychological problems associated with Bath Salt use reported suicidal ideations.

The use of Bath Salts is increasing. From only 2 reported cases in 2009 to 911 in 2011. Also many people who use Bath Salts also use other drugs as well including cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.

Bath Salts can be sold with the label “Not Meant for Human Consumption” which allows it to get around the laws regarding controlled substances.
Source: Huffington Post


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