Mindy McCready: A Tough Road


In addiction treatment, we toss out platitudes like confetti.

“Fake it until you make it.”

“One day at a time.”

They lose their meaning with repetition - until something happens to show the truth of the saying anew.

“The road of addiction ends in death.”

Mindy McCready’s suicide last Sunday brings that home.

The country singer put addiction on public display for all to see. In a series of tragedies, McCready traveled the road of addiction...

  • 2004 – An arrest and probation for trying to obtain Oxycontin with a fake prescription.
  • 2005 – A drunk driving conviction, and two overdoses, including one while pregnant. The second overdose is said to be a suicide attempt.
  • 2006, 2007 – More legal trouble stemming from probation violations.
  • 2008 – another suicide attempt, this time by slitting her wrists.
  • 2009 – McCready detoxes on the TV show Celebrity Rehab. Her withdrawal is bad enough that she has a seizure.
  • 2010 – Another hospitalization for drug overdose.
  • 2011, 2012 – More legal battles, this time around custody of her children with her record of addiction.
  • 2013 – Her current boyfriend kills himself in their home. Mindy does the same, two weeks later.

At the end, her life was a complete mess. Looking back, the assumption is that her legal troubles, career difficulties, addiction and concerns about her kids reached the tipping point after her boyfriend’s suicide. Too much to bear and no escape. She said something poignant a day or so before the suicide. She said her career in music meant nothing compared to all of the other stuff in her life.

Was the tragedy preventable? No one can know. But the press asks why she was left alone at the house, especially with her history of suicide attempts. Maybe they are right, but the real prevention would have had to come years before she started down the path of addiction. Before her life went sideways.


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