How Crazy Can It Get?


Leaving the drugging lifestyle grants one sure and certain pleasure: seeing how nutty it gets and, with a sigh, saying, “There, but for the grace of God go I.” We remember all the crap and confusion and can be thankful to have escaped intact. A story out of Washington State triggers just this feeling…

A shooting, a couple of alligators, an exotic dancer and a weed stash.

They say truth is stranger than fiction, so see if you believe this one. Police are called out because of reported gunfire. When they arrive to investigate, there’s no victim, but they discover a marijuana stash protected by two alligators. And a stripper pole. And an exotic dancer. And a marijuana growing operation.

Turns out the shooting was real. A man arrived at a local hospital with a bullet wound to the arm and a “grazing wound” on his back. Police think he pulled into the driveway of the house when the owner, to protect his pot stash, shot at the man. The homeowner was arrested for attempted murder. Animal control was contacted for the alligators. No info was provided about who got the exotic dancer.

Life does go sideways when you get involved in drugs and drug dealing. The activity, by its very nature is secretive. That pulls you away from society and societal standards. Once you cross that invisible line, thumbing your nose at the law and a normal lifestyle, it’s very easy to keep sliding down. It becomes reasonable to do many things you’d ordinarily find strange or forbidden.

Was it paranoia that caused the shooting, or was the guy who pulled into the driveway actually a danger to the marijuana grow? No way to tell at this point. Either scenario is possible, and neither would arise without traveling down the road of crazy that comes with drugs.


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