Boxer May Have Used Narcotics


Boxing superstar Johnny Tapia may have been using narcotics immediately prior to his death a police report says. The police report also states Tapia’s wife was concerned her husband was using drugs. Mrs. Tapia told police her husband wasn’t eating or sleeping well and she suspected the boxing star has access to illegal drugs just prior to his death despite her being unable to find any drugs in their home.
One tablet of the painkiller Hydrocodone was found next to Tapia’s body. However there were no signs of an overdose or use of alcohol. Autopsy results are pending.
Tapia has a history of cocaine addiction and depression. Much of which was public knowledge. His wife reportedly kept prescription narcotics locked in a home safe and was responsible for giving him the prescribed amount.
After complaining of stomach pain a nephew tried to convince Tapia to seek medical attention but Tapia declined saying he preferred to take medication at home. Tapia’s wife returned home later to find his body on the floor of his bedroom.
Tapia was a five time world boxing champion. Many in the Latino community looked up to Tapia as a role model and hero.


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