Understanding Addiction Recovery


"Twelve steps.

If you ask the millions of Americans wrestling with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, 12 steps is not as simple as it sounds. For some, the illustrious 12th is always a step away. That is the discouragement that comes with the disease.

The answer is hope.

"A lot of people die from this disease," said Shelly Herndon, counselor and intake coordinator at Community and Family Resources. "It's a blessing and a miracle I survived, and I know that it was for this moment right now - to tell my story."

Herndon came to know Community and Family Resources as a patient when she was 37. She checked herself into day treatment in an attempt to conquer a methamphetamine habit that started with speed pills at age 9.

"Something shook me to the core," Herndon said. "I was in treatment for eight hours a day. For three months, getting sober was my full-time job. And I had to have tunnel vision. When I'd leave at the end of the day, and get in my car, I had to fight that urge to go use again the whole time.""

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