Paulina Porizkova Talks to Dr. Drew about Anti-Depressant Addiction


In one of the year-end recap shows, Dr. Drew Pinsky interviewed Paulina Porizkova. This famous supermodel cum writer is noted for her revelation earlier this year that she had become dependent on the very prescription medications she thought were helping her.

In a tell-all article in the Huffington Post, Porizkova talks about how an anti-depressant, Lexapro, came to alter her life.

I spent two years with my lover Lexapro; the two most mellow years of my life. My immediate frustrations were comforted, my resentments muffled, my anxiety calmed; I was wrapped in a thick, warm comforter, insulated against the sharp pangs that came with living.

Her description is eerily familiar to the honeymoon period many narcotic addicts have. There’s a time when it all seems to be going smoothly, and the drug is fixing all the problems.

In her interview with Dr. Drew, Paulina describes her epiphany – when she realized, not just how damaging the medication was in her life, but also how endemic the use of anti-depressants were among her peers. At a “ladies night out,” she and her friends began talking about the meds they were on. All were taking some form of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication.

She refers to it as a mid-life crisis for women, a period where life isn’t as fulfilling as it ought to be and they seek treatment. In her case, the treatment eventually became worse than the disease. Paulina also describes a withdrawal period, the return of her symptoms and how she eventually coped without the use of drugs.

Interestingly, she points out a remarkable parallel between anti-depressants and plastic surgery. Like Botox, the purpose is to alter the natural progression of age. Unlike Botox however, these drugs alter personality and emotional state. In Pauline Porizkova’s case, the drugs never returned her to an earlier state. Instead, like Botox, they offered an imitation of “better” that brought along its own costs.


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