More Drug Smuggling Shenanigans


The creativity and the effort that goes into smuggling drugs from Mexico give us some pretty strange news. This time, it’s tunneling under the border fence into parking spots.

An article from Yahoo News lays out the plan that apparently had some success before the police were tipped off. Smugglers dug tunnels into Nogales, Arizona and up through a street that ran along the border fence. In border towns like this, streets and buildings are often quite close to the line, and here the street was literally a stone’s throw from Mexico.

The holes were plugged with pavement that could be lowered or raised to reveal the tunnel beneath. Smugglers were able to park cars or vans with openings in the floors over one of the holes, remove the plug and get a fill-up from below. The plug was then replaced and everything was back to normal.

According to the report, this method was only discovered when a tipster spilled the beans. Also mentioned was the fact that parking meters lined that section of the road, meaning the smugglers had to “pay to play” or get a ticket.

So now parking spot smuggling joins a list that includes catapults, ultralight aircraft and even a submarine. It might even be funny, until you realize that the same folks who are doing this stuff are also bribing police agencies across Mexico and into the U.S., chopping heads off south of the border, kidnapping for profit and running human trafficking rings. The money from one operation can feed many others, not so cute.

The City of Nogales is taking out the parking meters and changing the border streets to no parking zones. Not mentioned, but expected, will be close inspections of the road surfaces in other border cities.


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