Guns, Drugs and Bibles


South Carolina, among other attributes, is the buckle in the Bible belt. This is the state where Bob Jones University is located and where alcohol cannot be sold on Sundays without a local referendum. Bibles have a great deal of respect and credibility here. And they are large enough to smuggle things in…

According to the Herald Online that’s just what Shareca Jones is accused of. In a series of coincidences, a package with a bible in it was returned to what was thought to be the sender, a Lancaster County business. When they opened and went through the package, they found razor blades, ecstasy tablets, a cell phone and some cocaine. The package had originally been sent to the prison in Ridgeville and the business owner notified the police.

After an investigation, Ms. Jones was picked up. In her possession was some marijuana, prescription medication and a gun. According to the Herald, “The total value of the narcotics was $3,800, the release states. She was released from jail on Nov. 10 on a $52,000 surety bond.”

Is this just a case of stupidity or have prisoners actually received items in hollowed out books before? It’s hard to imagine that prison officials wouldn’t be able to find a concealed phone, even the latest, super-thin versions. Prison officials weren’t quoted in the article and no mention was made of exactly why the package was rejected in the first place.

It’s actually a little suspicious to send a bible to a prisoner when they can get them free from several resources:
The Gideons International
International Prison Ministry

Bibles can be requested by prisoners directly, through the prison chaplain or by a third party. Apparently, however, neither of those organizations puts cell phones or drugs in their texts.


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