Chicago Bears Receiver Arrested for Cocaine Conspiracy


In what may be a new twist on the “celebrity busted for drugs” theme, this time a professional athlete is charged, not with just possession or use, but with selling in what has been termed a “drug network.”

When Sam Hurd was arrested last week, the immediate question was, “Why?” Why would someone who is making more money a year than most of us will in a decade, risk all that to sell narcotics? (His contract with the Bears is a hefty 5.1 million for three years.)

The arrest affidavit is available for viewing online and it gives the testimony of George Ramirez, an agent who works for the Department of Homeland Security. It tells how Hurd arranged the purchase of cocaine and how an undercover informant tipped the agent off. The subsequent investigation lasted from the end of July until mid-December of this year, culminating in the arrest of the famous football player.

Hurd was with the Dallas Cowboys in July and traded to the Bears for this season. This comes into play because Hurd was dealing out of Mexico, through Texas. Another associate, referred to in the complaint only as TL, set up the deals with Hurd acting as a partner and financier. Apparently, the football player only got “hands on” when the amount of drugs was substantial, in this case, about half a kilo of cocaine.

Back in July, TL and Hurd were stopped by police who discovered marijuana and $88,000 in cash in the vehicle. The complaint then details a long series of deals done through their confidential informant that finally resulted in this month’s arrest.

Typically, not being able to play because you are in jail would violate the terms of your contract. So Mr. Hurd may be paying a penalty that goes beyond jail time. As of this writing, Hurd is out on $100,000 bond, will face a federal grand jury in Texas, and sports sources are saying he has been cut from the team.


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