Death Leads Authorities to Crooked Doctor

A 70 year-old psychiatrist with a suspended medical license was arrested in Riverside California today on federal narcotics distribution charges by the FBI for allegedly accepting $100 payments in exchange for opioid prescriptions.

A criminal complaint filed yesterday in US District Court charged Joel Stanley Dreyer with unlawful distribution of a variety of controlled substances, including Oxycodone and Hydrocodone combination medications.

The affidavit in support of the complaint claims that a former patient of Dreyer’s died in 2005 from an overdose of prescription medications he obtained from scripts written by Dreyer. That person’s brother contacted authorities after first visiting Dreyer himself and obtaining a number of prescriptions for controlled substances.

The report underscores the dangers of using or abusing controlled medications without a doctor’s supervision.

Date: Feb. 14, 2008

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