“Crackberry” Epidemic on the Rise

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry has become so essential to users that it has earned the nickname ‘CrackBerry’, reflecting a trend among users that researchers at the University of Northampton claim resembles behaviors associated with addiction. They go so far to claim that there is virtually no such thing as recreational use of the BlackBerry; either you use it compulsively or you don’t use one at all.

The company claims to have 14 million total BlackBerry users. The handheld device has proven especially helpful to business travelers, allowing them to stay in touch with the office while on the road. However, instead of saving time, it has meant longer working hours, meaning that work is taking precedence over their personal lives, suggesting the onset of a potential impulse-control disorder such as those found in so-called workaholics.

Source: Forbes
Date: Apr. 9, 2008

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