Cocaine Research Focused on Brain’s Chemical Balance

There are currently no approved medications to treat cocaine abuse, but one medical school is out to try and change that. The University of Texas Medical School at Houston is currently researching drugs that will help to restore the chemical balance in the brain thrown out of whack by cocaine use.

Chronic cocaine abuse makes physiological changes in the brain, some affecting neurotransmitters responsible for impulsivity, making decisions, and rewards, according to Professor F. Gerard Moeller, Ph.D, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. “If we can restore the balance of the neurotransmitters back to the way it was before the cocaine, then other therapies such as behavioral therapy will work better.”

For more information about research at UT, or to participate in a clinical trial, the public can call 713-500-DRUG (3784).

Source: Newswise
Date: June 4, 2008

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